Discover+: Food Security (15 September 2020)

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Global disruptions in the food supply chain as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic have emphasised the importance of safeguarding Singapore’s food security while drawing attention to the local growth of this industry. The Food Security industry includes areas such as food diversification strategies, food affordability and safety, domestic food production, and agricultural technology (AgriTech). Singapore topped the Global Food Security Index in 2018 and 2019, with top scores in affordability, availability, quality, and safety of food sources in the country. In addition, AgriTech, a key pillar of Singapore’s broader food security goals, is an emerging economic opportunity which contributes to Singapore’s economic growth and creates jobs for Singaporeans. As Singapore continues to secure its food security strategy and ensure food resilience for the country, demand for professionals in related industries is only set to grow.

Discover+: Food Security, organised by Advisory and Big Idea Ventures, provides students with the opportunity to hear from experienced professionals from organisations like Big Idea Ventures and Enterprise Singapore! Through Discover+: Food Security, students can find out more about careers in the sector, and learn how best to position themselves for careers in this exciting field.

The Discovery+ Series is a series of events, delivered through online digital solutions and sponsored by Workforce Singapore, which give students the chance to speak directly with working professionals, and learn about careers they aspire to enter.


Venue: Zoom Chat Online
Date: 15 September 2020, Tuesday
Time: 1930 – 2100