Discover+: International Organisations (12 May 2020)


As a small state which emphasises the rule of law and supports multilateral cooperation, international organisations like the United Nations and the World Bank are important avenues for Singapore to participate in and contribute to the global architecture. Indeed, Singapore plays an active role in many of them, even taking on leadership roles in some. 

Discover+: International Organisations, organised by Advisory, provides students with the opportunity to speak to experienced professionals from the Open Government Partnership, United Nations Development Programme, and World Bank Group! Through Discover+: International Organisations, students can find out more about careers in the consulting landscape, and learn how best to position themselves for careers in this exciting field.

The Discovery+ Series is a series of events, delivered through online digital solutions, which give students the chance to speak directly with working professionals, and learn about careers they aspire to enter.

Event Details

Venue: Zoom Chat Online
Date: 5 May 2020, Tuesday
Time: 1930 – 2100