Discover+: Venture Capital (21 April 2020)


Venture capital has been integral in propelling companies such as Google, Facebook and Alibaba into the large multi-national organisations we see today. While the results of a venture capital investment may not be immediately apparent, much market research and many backend discussions are conducted to assess the long-term business potential of a certain company and industry. Closer to home, Razer Inc., Grab, SEA and Go-jek are familiar start-up brands that first received seed funding via venture capitalists.

Discover+: Venture Capital provides students with the opportunity to speak to experienced professionals from leading industry players such as Big Idea Ventures, Ficus VC, and 500 Startups! Through Discover+: Venture Capital, students can find out more about careers in the Venture Capital landscape, and learn how best to position themselves for careers in this exciting field.

The Discovery+ Series is a series of events, delivered through online digital solutions, which give students the chance to speak directly with working professionals, and learn about careers they aspire to enter. Given the developments in the COVID-19 situation, Advisory is keen to provide support to the many students who are experiencing woes in this time of disruptions. Our core objectives at this time are to encourage students to stay home and respect social distancing; ease career-related anxieties faced by students experiencing disruption to their studies, graduation and employment; and to provide supplementary programming that adds value to students. 

Event Details

Venue: Zoom Chat Online
Date: 21 April 2020, Tuesday
Time: 1930 – 2100