Insights on Early Childhood Development

Discovery+ is a series of online industry panels which give students the chance to interact with working professionals and learn about the careers they aspire to enter. These panels provide youths and working professionals with the opportunity to better understand industry trends, hear first-hand perspectives from industry professionals, and gain valuable advice on entering or navigating these industries. On 4 May 2022, Advisory hosted Discover+: Early Childhood Development, the 57th edition of the Discovery+ series. Speakers on the panel included: Sum Chee Wah (Moderator), Associate Professor, Singapore University of Social Sciences and Advisor, Pre-school Education, Early Childhood Development Agency; Cynthia...
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Conversations with Yvonne Yap

Yvonne Yap is the Business Lead for Digital Healthcare & Insights at Roche Diagnostics Asia Pacific. As a highly self-motivated and articulate team player, Yvonne strives to bring about significant contributions to society, particularly in bringing healthcare access to developing markets across the region. She has also developed a strong track record of driving private public partnerships, particularly in the healthcare industry...
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Conversations with Lee Bing Yi

Lee Bing Yi is a Director at PwC Singapore’s Financial Services Assurance practice. He is also part of the firm’s Sustainability and Climate Change team and leads its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) solutions for the financial services sector. He specialises in sustainability assurance, strategy, climate risk management and reporting. In this article, he sheds light on his professional growth and what it means to take charge of one’s career...
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Conversations with Eric Sim

From helping his father sell prawn noodles at the hawker centre to scaling the peaks of investment banking as a Managing Director at UBS, Mr Eric Sim unveils networking tips he has picked up, and provides insights on advancing one’s career. Sim founded Institute of Life with the mission of helping young professionals achieve success at work and in life. Among his many achievements, he is a finance professor teaching at top universities around the world and boasts a massive following on LinkedIn. A newly minted author, his book ‘Small Actions’ gained rave reviews, and in May 2022, was nominated...
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Conversations with Ka Yi Ling

Ka Yi Ling is the group Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder of Shiok Meats, a cultivated seafoods and meats company. In this interview, she shares about her experiences in academia, her pivot into entrepreneurship and founding a start-up, and advice for youths planning a career in the biotechnology industry...
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