Conversations with Steven Liew

As a law graduate of NUS, Steven Liew began his career at esteemed law firm Baker & McKenzie, acquiring extensive experience in intellectual property law. His highly regarded expertise in the field has seen him take up positions in established multinational corporations, ranging from Louis Vuitton to eBay. He subsequently made a shift from legal work towards consulting and public policy, where he is presently Director of Public Policy for the Asia Pacific region at Airbnb. Notably, he has founded various venture capital firms, largely investing in technology start-ups. In this interview, he shares valuable insights pertaining to the fields of law, consulting, and entrepreneurship, his forthright views on what young people need to succeed in today’s day and age, and candid advice on career aspirations...
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Insights on Legal

On 7 June 2022, Advisory hosted Discover+: Legal, the 59th edition of the Discovery+ series. Speakers on the panel included: Meryl Koh (Director, Intellectual Property & Dispute Resolution, Drew and Napier) - Moderator Andrew Wong (Product Manager, Innovation & KM Solutions, Dentons Rodyk) Hannah Lim (Head of Rule of Law and Emerging Markets, Lexis Nexis) Sheila Ng (Partner, Restructuring and Insolvency, Rajah & Tann) Simon Schmeing (Transformation Manager, Norton Rose Fulbright)...
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Conversations with Chua Ee Chien

No stranger to the world of fintech, investments, and start-ups, Mr Ee Chien Chua currently heads the Business Development & Partnerships arm of Endowus, a digital investment advisor and solutions provider in Singapore. Managing strategic cooperations between businesses, Ee Chien empowers employees and employers alike on financial planning and investments. With his prior experience spanning storied institutions like Goldman Sachs and unicorn start-ups such as Uber and a company, Ee Chien knows what it takes to succeed in a fast-paced and competitive environment. Apart from his career in finance, Ee Chien also runs Whimsical Inc., an F&B group that runs Jekyll and Hyde, graft and Operation Dagger...
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Insights on International Market Development

On 5 April 2022, Advisory hosted Discover+ International Market Development, the 55th edition of the Discovery+ series. Speakers on the panel included: Zhilin Sim (Moderator), Regional Vice President, International Marketing Europe, Economic Development Board; Michelle Tan, Senior Development Partner, Enterprise Singapore; Henry Woodward-Fisher, Senior Management, International Launch, Impossible Foods, and; Vinay Palathinkal, Regional Head, Wise Platform, Wise
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Conversations with Isdiyanah Puteri

As a Regional Program Manager with Schneider Electric, Isdiyanah Puteri collaborates with factories in the region to drive Smart Factory projects and identify strategic opportunities. In her role, she also works with digital site leaders to obtain buy-in from management for proof of concept topics and partners with external vendors to identify potential technologies for use in their factories. ..
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