Reflections with Diana Chong

Most locals should be familiar with the funny content starring Michelle Chong, Singapore’s darling comedic genius. Her talents span personable characters including Ah Lian, Sonia and Chiang Ying Wen, and have brought laughter to Singaporeans for many years. Working just as hard behind the scenes as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Left Profile and Michelle Chong Productions is Diana Chong, a seasoned businesswoman who is no doubt the brains behind many successful campaigns delivered to media consumers today. On top of primarily specialising in the field of media and advertising, she also juggles the job of managing Singapore’s top...
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Reflections with Steven Sim

Steven Sim is the Global Chief Information Security Officer and Head Group Cybersecurity Department at PSA International Pte Ltd. He is also the President of the ISACA Singapore Chapter. With over 20 years of experience...
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Insights on Temus

The Experience+ series is a series of online learning journeys and industry visits, sponsored by Workforce Singapore, which gives students the chance to virtually visit workplaces, speak directly with working professionals, and learn more about the organisations they aspire to join. With Experience+: Temus, Advisory hopes to help students better understand opportunities within the wider technological services industry and to find out more about a career in Temus through experiencing its workplace and speaking to the professionals behind this global company...
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Conversations with Dianne Seet-Swee

With her passion in the early childhood sector, Dianne Seet-Swee holds various roles as the Principal of Ascension Kindergarten, Pillar Head at the Early Childhood Development Centres for Anglican Preschool Services, as well as an Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) Fellow. Having had over 20 years of experience in the industry, she shares her advice for thriving in the industry and managing its challenges, as well as tips for aspiring early childhood practitioners...
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Conversations with Lanx Goh

Lanx Goh is the Global Head of Privacy for Prudential and was formerly the Data Privacy & Cybersecurity Senior Counsel at TikTok and Head of Investigation at the Singapore Personal Data Protection Commission. With his vast knowledge in the privacy sector and corporate world, he strives to develop products that not only have commercial value but also respect consumer privacy rights. Additionally, he is passionate in nurturing the future generation of privacy law professionals as a way of giving back to society...
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