Insights on BASF

Experience+ is a series of online learning journeys and industry visits that give students the chance to virtually visit workplaces, speak directly with working professionals, and learn about organisations that they aspire to join. On 21 April 2023, Advisory hosted Experience+: BASF, where participants had the opportunity to network with professionals within the chemical industry and hear directly from them about their experience working at BASF. We were privileged to have heard and gathered insights from...
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Insights on WE Communications

On 16 February 2023, Advisory hosted Experience+: WE Communications, where participants had the opportunity to network with PR and Digital practitioners and hear directly from industry professionals about their experience working at WE Communications. We were privileged to have heard and gathered insights from...
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Insights on Public Policy

On 21 February 2023, Advisory hosted Discover+: Public Policy, the 68th edition of the Discovery+ series. Speakers on the panel included moderator Mr. Wu Wei Neng, Mr. Huang Jianyun, Mr. Devadas Krishnadas, Ms. Rachel Teo and Ms. Zing Lim. The panelists shared more about the boundless career opportunities in the public sector, and how youths can best position themselves for such roles. Below are some key points shared during the session...
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Conversations with Jene Lim

In her role in the product management field, Jene Lim has been creating products and services that help solve a myriad of issues around the world, ranging from financial products for consumers to information services for businesses, for the past 17 years. Currently, she is the Head of Product Management at Experian Credit Services, SEA. As someone who is well versed in handling multiple duties simultaneously, she shares more about her unique career journey, the reasons behind her choice of path, and her contributions towards a better world...
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Insights on Web3 and its Impact on our Society

On 16 September 2022, Advisory organized a ProNet Engagement Evening with moderator Ms. Jesley Chua, and panelists Mr. Barry Lim, Ms. Amy Zhao, and Mr. Hassan Ahmed. The theme was “Web3 and its Impact on Our Society”, where the key opinion leaders shared their insights on the future of Web3.0, its implications on their respective fields, and advice for those seeking to expand their horizons into the world of decentralised technology...
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