A world where youth are empowered to make informed decisions about their futures.


To be the bridge that allows students to have a personal and in-depth understanding of industries and jobs available, by connecting them with the working world through interviews on Advisory’s online platform and communicating upcoming opportunities.


Conversations Series

Interviews with entry- to mid-level working professionals, published in Q&A form. Comprises a short introduction to the interviewee and interview transcript. Each interviewee will select the 5 most important qualities needed for the job (as per the 42 Harvard Competencies). These will serve as the bread and butter of Advisory’s content.

Insights Series

Articles communicating industry concepts and jargon to students in easily-accessible writing — explaining terms (i.e. bitcoin, blockchain), discussions on the future of various industries, and discussions on the world economy. Writers include both Correspondents (through interviews with professionals/research) and professionals themselves.

Reflections Series

Narrative, in-depth accounts of interactions with mid- to upper-level working professionals. Discussions about values, work-life balance, advice for youths, and other concepts to personalize interviewees and provide youth with role models.