Advisory Singapore is a fully youth-led nonprofit dedicated to empowering young Singaporeans from all walks of life to make informed career and further education choices.

The Advisory Mentorship Programme pairs students aged 16 to 28 with working professionals in their fields of interest on a 1-1 basis. Over the course of four months, mentors will give one hour each month to meet with their mentees. 

Over the past 3 years, the Advisory Mentorship Programme delivered over 11,000 hours of mentorship to over 3,000 students with the involvement of professionals like yourself. 

With new opportunities year-round, we hope these will help you find a programme that matches your convenience and schedules. If you might be able to spare one hour each month to mentor students, we encourage you to consider volunteering as a mentor. 

You can register using the form below, or alternatively through this link:

Just an hour of your time could make a transformative difference in a young person’s life!