Desmond Koh, Managing Director at BNP Paribas Wealth Management, leads his team in serving private families and family offices in Southeast Asia, with 20 years of investment banking and wealth management experience as an entrepreneur portfolio manager for investments. Aligned with BNP Paribas’ leadership in Sustainable Finance—ranked first as the Best Bank for Sustainable Finance by Euromoney in 2018—he spearheads the bank’s sustainability taskforce, while also building a “Conscious Circle” community of private investors and partners, invested in the area, with which he tries to plant seeds of positive intention into the hearts and minds of investors and private families, in an effort to catalyse collaborations for social impact and societal change. 

As a three-time Singapore Olympian, Rhodes Scholar, and mindfulness practitioner, Desmond takes an active interest in exploring consciousness and the human potential. He strives for peak performance states, and enjoys building communities in such passions as sustainability and meditation; conducting mindful life coaching; and speaking on the mind and the human potential. He advises numerous founders and co-founders, and enterprises, on sustainability, innovation and impact, through serving on the Boards of such entities in areas of education, mental health, wellness and sustainability.