Youth Corps Singapore is a national institution that supports young Singaporeans who are keen to serve the community. As the champion for youth volunteerism, it harnesses the energy and passion of youths to ignite positive change in the society through community service.

Bringing together Singapore Citizens and PRs aged 16 to 35, Youth Corps Singapore provides a platform for youths to learn new skills and meet like-minded peers, who aspire to go forth and create a better Singapore and a better world for all.

NYC was set up by the Singapore Government on 1 November 1989 as the national co-ordinating body for youth affairs in Singapore and the focal point of international youth affairs.

On 1 January 2015, NYC began its operations as an autonomous agency under the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) and housed two key institutions: Outward Bound Singapore (OBS) and Youth Corps Singapore. Together, the agency will drive youth development and broaden outreach to young Singaporeans and youth sector organisations.

Young NTUC is the youth wing of the National Trades Union Congress. With over 190,000 young adult members aged 35 and below, it is the largest and most vibrant youth movement in Singapore.

Young NTUC offers a multitude of purposeful activities and opportunities to develop potential leaders of tomorrow. Whether work-based or cause-based, it provides platforms for youths to build friendships and create communities where like-minded young adults come together to achieve common goals.

Discover how Young NTUC gives voice to youths’ needs and aspirations at work and in life. To find out more, visit

INSPIRIT is a community of young professionals from the 3P (Private, People & Public) sectors who are passionate and will advocate for youth interest on community and national issues.

Innerstar is a not-for-profit organisation that seeks to deliver programmes to help underprivileged youths better realise their potential. Bringing together the expertise of Programme Partners, Innerstar provides youths access to social-emotional learning and equip them with life skills that could bring about positive lasting impact in their developmental years. Innerstar’s key Programme Partners include Equilibria, Ripplecreate, SportCares and Advisory.



Advisory would like to thank the following individuals who have played an instrumental role in shaping the platform into what it is today:
Mr Ong Kah Kuang
Mr Wai Chung Tai
Mr Kwan Jin Yao
Mr Clement Kwek
Ms Zann Liao
Ms Lyana Yusof
Ms Tan Luoyi